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Congratulations on your new MXL Flex boom arm! Here is a quick guide to get you set up and recording in no time.

Secure the C clamp to a sturdy, flat surface

  • Make sure your desk has a flat edge that the C clamp can attach to
    • Overly rounded desktop edges don't provide a good mounting surface
  • Rotate the wing bolt clockwise until the clamp is securely fastened to the surface

Mount the boom arm to the C clamp

  • Fit the slim, silver rod on the bottom of the boom arm into the hole of the C clamp

Adjust tension knobs

  • Use the 3 tension knobs to adjust the angle of the boom arm

Fine-tune spring tension with bottom screw

  • To make the boom arm overall tighter or looser, turn the spring-tension screw located at the base of the boom arm, next to the silver rod that connects to the C clamp (you will need to remove the boom arm from the C clap to locate this screw)
    • Clockwise = tighter (for heavier microphones) 
    • Counterclockwise = looser (for lightweight microphones)

Attach your microphone

  • First, attach a shockmount or mic clip to the 5/8" threads at the top of the boom arm
    • a 3/8" thread adapter is included if necessary
  • Then, securely fit your microphone into the shockmount or clip

Secure your cable

  • Remove the cable trough cover by lifting one end and unsnapping it
  • Feed your XLR cable through the cable trough
  • Replace the cable trough cover by firmly pressing/snapping it back into place
    • Remember to leave some slack in the cable so you can freely adjust the boom arm to any position!

Max Reach: 32"

Mount Thread: 5/8" threading with a 3/8" adapter

Rotation: 360 degrees

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