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  • Phantom Power
    • If you're using a condenser microphone, make sure that your interface has 48V Phantom Power engaged on the channel you're plugged into
  • Try a different cable
    • You may have a loose connection from an older microphone cable, or the cable might be bad altogether. Try switching out the mic cable to see if the signal comes back. 
  • Check your input settings
    • If you're connecting your microphone to an interface and then into a computer, make sure that your computer or recording software's input settings have your interface selected.
      • Sometimes your computer's default settings will not automatically recognize a new input/connection
    • In your recording software, make sure that the track with your microphone is Record Enabled
  • Is it muted?
    • Make sure the channel on your mixer or in your recording software isn't muted.
  • Try a different channel on your interface/mixer
    • If you have more than one channel on your mixer or interface, plug your microphone into a different channel to make sure there isn't a problem with that specific input
  • Try the same channel and cable with a different microphone you know is working
    • If you're able to get signal from a different microphone using the same cable and channel that you tried with the effected microphone, you can assume the issues lies with the microphone itself
      • In this case, submit a support ticket and MXL can help you set up a repair case to get you back to work in no time!

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