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The AC-404 and AC-404-Z are quite similar microphones with a few key differences.

Both microphones offer simple plug and play connectivity with no drivers necessary to operate.

Both microphones are platform agnostic and integrate with all communication software that supports USB class audio devices.

The AC-404-Z comes with everything you need to install your Zoom Rooms set up. In addition to a standard Mini USB - USB type A cable, it includes a right-angle connector Mini USB - USB type A cable for clean conference room configurations. It also contains adhesive foam mounting pads and a blue LED power indicator.

The AC-404 comes only with a standard Mini USB - USB type A cable. It will also work in your Zoom Rooms configuration, as well as any other video conferencing software. A red LED indicates the microphone is powered and ready to use.

Both microphones feature a 3.5mm jack which can be used for headphones. The headphone output is fed by the output of your computer only.

The AC-404 and AC-404-Z are both excellent options to improve your audio quality for anything from a single work-from-home set up to large teleconference spaces. Use them with your favorite video communication software and enjoy the simplicity and quality of MXL UCC.

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