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In 2020 MXL released a new and improved version of the classic MXL AC-404. The new version is called the MXL AC-44.

MXL AC-404

New MXL AC-44


Key AC-44 Differences

  • The AC-44 features a USB Type-C connector making the microphone compatible with modern computers, tablets, and mobile devices. The AC-44 currently ships with a USB Type-A to Type-C cable for backward compatibility. Any standard Type-C to Type-C cable can work too.
  • The AC-44 features a 3.5mm line output. This output is a direct feed from the capsule and is not intended for headphone use. This is utilized for backup recording and audio distribution.
  • The AC-44 features a new 24-bit conversion chip introducing a lower noise floor and flatter frequency response. 
  • The AC-44 is smaller and more durable. The AC-44 comes in 3 colors. White, Black, and Cobalt.
  • The AC-44 can connect to an AC-360Z to be used as an extension microphone in a Zoom Room setup.

For more information regarding the MXL AC-44 please contact your local MXL retailer or distributor or contact us here.

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