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Here are some commonly asked questions in relation to the MXL AC-360 product line. Should you have additional questions feel free to open a support ticket here.

  • The MXL AC-360 comes with 6' USB cables. Can I use longer cables?
    • Yes, users commonly utilize longer USB cables for AC-360Z installation. Based on the USB protocol standard we recommend limiting your cable length to no more than 15'. If you are going to exceed that length please look into using high-quality active extenders. We recommend talking with your distributor or integrator for more information on this matter.

  • Can I install the AC-360Z in the ceiling? 
    • Yes, many customers have had great success rolling out installations with AC360Zs integrated into the ceiling. This is a great method for keeping a room clean while having great audio coverage.

      Our Distributors offer a ceiling mount called the AC360CM. It's a metal plate that goes on the opposing side of the surface you are mounting on, then just use the screws that come with it to secure the unit.

      Here is a link to one of our customers who frequently utilizes these mics for in-ceiling configurations. AC-360 In-Ceiling Install

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